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The operation of air transportation is part of the implementation of the task of providing transportation, both as servicing function and promoting function cannot be separated from the economic growth of people using air transportation services / being served, and also trends in global developments that occur.

At a relatively low level of economic growth with a low level of human / community movement, the administration of transportation in particular Air transportation is not a profitable business activity for the organizer, but it must still be implemented to ensure growth economy in a region. In these conditions the role of the Government is needed to ensure the availability of adequate transportation facilities. Therefore, many air transportation service business activities are carried out by the Government through appointed BUMN / private companies.

The role of the Government will gradually decrease in line with the national economic growth in the sense that there has been an adequate demand for air transportation services, so that business activities in this field are profitable. If this condition is achieved, then the role of the Government will change from its original role as a service provider and actor of economic activities. become the regulator in charge of issuing various regulations, certifying and implementing supervision to ensure the implementation of Air Transportation that meets aviation safety standards, because in the future it will be possible for the private sector and the wider community to play a more active role. However, in aspects related to aviation security and safety, its implementation is still the responsibility of the government. This is in accordance with the Chicago Convention 1944, Law no. 15 of 1992 concerning Aviation and PP No. 3 of 2001 concerning Aviation Security and Safety.

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Voluntary Reporting System
Kementerian Perhubungan (VRS)

Is a National Aviation Safety Database System to support the National Aviation Safety Program / State Safety Program (SSP) Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia.